The Catlins are Calling

Tucked away in the southeastern corner of the South Island lies a relatively forgotten area of New Zealand, known as The Catlins. This remote district is full of rolling grasslands, beautiful waterfalls, rugged coastlines and wildlife galore. A sparsely populated place where the locals enjoy a true community lifestyle, without the conveniences of city living.

Sheep grazing near Owaka, Catlin Coast.

In the summertime this remote part of New Zealand is a great coastal getaway for New Zealanders and tourists, however it is in the off season - winter and spring, when the roads are empty, the local shops are predominately closed and the land comes alive with adventures aplenty. The seemingly endless gravel roads that twist around beautiful undulating hills, wind twisted coastal trees, penguins that waddle through ancient fossilised forests to the Pacific ocean, all on display, with endless solitude if you seek it.

Purakaunui Falls Canopy, Purakaunui Falls, Catlin Coast.

Take a walk along the Catlins River Trail in lush bush, escape to Nugget Point to watch the sunrise, spend time watching the water flow over one of the numerous waterfalls in the district or stroll along the untouched beach at Tautuku Bay. The entertainment is free in The Catlins if you are willing to spend time in nature’s presence.

Golden Nugget Sunrise, Catlin Coast

The Catlins are calling, and it is time to explore.

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