Recommended Hanging Environment

Paper Prints

It is generally advised to keep the artwork away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture where possible.  For paper prints, it is recommended to use UV Glass in the framing process where possible, spending a bit more money in the framing process will ensure the longevity of your purchase.  Your picture framer will be able to guide you as to more hanging environment specific recommendations given the materials used.
Excessive temperatures and humidity can damage the paper prints resulting in fading, unsightly warping of the paper print within the frame, or twisting of the frame. Most homes aren’t subjected to excessive temperatures and humidity, but good to be aware of potential issues over time if the hanging environment isn’t ideal.


Metal Prints

Metal prints are a great solution to many of the issues resulting from paper prints.  A stable product that is very durable, easily cleanable, scratch and moisture resistance.  Metal prints can be hung just about anywhere in your home, and are suitable for hanging in Kitchens or Bathrooms.
I thoroughly recommend metals prints as my preferred option for longevity and durability.


Recommended Hanging Heights/Locations

Whilst every situation is different, hanging your artwork so that is it centred at an average eye height is ideal, approximately centred at 1500-1600mm (60-64 inches) off the floor.  For larger pieces of artwork behind a sofa I generally recommend 300mm (12 inches) clear space below the artwork. 
Trying to centre artwork to other features in the room such as tables, sofas can help create balance and purpose with the placement of art pieces.  In general there are no rules, but hopefully this will give you a start point with finding the right placement for your artwork in your home.


Lighting your Artwork

Direct lighting your artwork properly can involve using a mixture of spotlights and spreads and certainly does enhance the piece on your wall, creating a unique focal point in any room.  This obviously comes at an extra expense which isn’t always justified.  Metal prints hold an element of luminosity due to the metal bouncing the ambient light back towards the viewer and look just as special under natural light. 
If you wish to investigate options for direct lighting your artwork it is best to consult with an electrician or lighting professional to look at potential options available to you in your geographic area.