My true passion in life is the love of the outdoors, mountains, wildlife, oceans, rivers, and lakes. That feeling of being surrounded by nature, the freedom of true peace and quiet, and those moments of natural serenity that calm my inner being.  Photography makes me appreciate the world I live in.  With my camera in hand I have seen sunsets I never thought possible, I have watched soaring birds for hours on end in the early golden sun, I have been mesmerised by the movement of crashing waves upon the foreshore and I have seen the most amazing and diverse of landscapes through new eyes.  I view the world with new eyes thanks to photography, and hopefully through my photography I can share with you what I see and cherish about my beautiful country.


Morning Light at Lake Paringa, West Coast


I escaped into a world of photography in 2010.  It now consumes me.  I love the adventures it takes me on, the moments of natural beauty I witness, my awakened awareness of the environment around me, and the patience it has taught me.  My eyes are constantly searching for beauty, little sun kissed scenes within the landscapes that capture my interest.


Lake Pukaki and Aoraki/Mt Cook, Mackenzie Country


The world I see through my camera makes sense to me, simple moments without the clutter of life’s noise, without fear, no doubt nor worry.  They are slices of time, the present, captured for all to see.  They are glimpses of my journey through this life that I hope will someday mean something, expressions of inner ideas.  They are my moments, My memories, My Life.


The photographic journey is full of challenges, a roller coaster of creativity, of courage and perseverance, of self doubt, of repetition and thousands of hours of unseen toil, but I love every aspect of it.  Photography tames my inner ego. It calms my restless soul.


Purakaunui River Reflections, Catlin Coast


I seek to be truly different, to capture the world how I see it in my head. I seek to find natural beauty in a world that I see values manufactured beauty.  I seek to find quiet moments in a world that I see values busyness, noise and drama.  I seek to find contentment in the environment that surrounds around me, and my photography is that voice I am most content in. and I seek to share these moments of beauty with those around me.


I am excited about the future, thankful for my past but trying to live in the present as best I can by doing what I love.


The road is long and my journey with my camera has just begun.  Thank you for being a part of it.

 The Arts and Crafts Market, Earnslaw Park, Queenstown