Crossing the Tongariro

The Central Plateau is a wild, untouched wilderness that is frequented by many every year. The Tongariro Crossing makes this land highly accessible. Whilst proving to be one of the greatest day walks in the world, it is also one of the most dangerous. 

Overlooking the Southern Crater and Mt Ngauruhoe.

The day hike takes you through the centre of the North Island’s volcanic geography. The steep, arduous walk up the Devil’s Staircase to the Southern Crater is thigh burning, but once there you stand at the foot of one of New Zealand’s most recognisable volcanic cones, Mt Ngauruhoe.


The Emerald Lakes at sunset, Tongariro Crossing.

Whilst many choose to attempt to scale Mt Ngauruhoe before continuing on to complete the rest of the crossing, this makes for an even more challenging day. Its scree clad steep slopes make for hard work, but the view is rewarding for those who persist - but don’t let time pass you by, you are not yet half way on your adventure.

The Volcanic Plateau - Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe, the Red Crater, Mt Tongariro, The Oturere valley (left) and the Central Crater (right)

This land is dangerous, and many incidents occur here every year. If you choose to cross the Tongariro, be prepared, listen to the locals, respect the land and the weather. It is a magical experience, but not at the expense of one’s safety.



The Red Crater, Tongariro Crossing, Tongariro National Park.

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