The Remarkable Remarkables.

The Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown are something special to behold. I have spent countless hours photographing this unique mountain range in all seasons and I never get tired of watching the interplay of light and cloud on its craggy peaks or the way the mountains’ personalities change when their winter coats come out on show.

 The view from the Remarkables over Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown.

 Home of one of Queenstown’s two ski fields, in the wintertime locals and tourists spend their days running the slopes of The Remarkables ski field enjoying the fantastic facilities on offer. I, however, would rather travel at a slower pace, away from the crowds and with my camera at hand. For me, a snow day is one where photographic opportunities take priority over anything else, and with fresh snow in the Wakatipu Basin these are the rare opportunities I must make the most of.

Remarkables Moonrise, Queenstown.

 Queenstown is a vastly interesting place to live, it offers a lot in terms of night life, shops, tourist activities and extreme sports. My Queenstown however does not exist in those realms; my Queenstown is one of solitude and freedom, where access to the outdoors is plentiful and Mother Nature’s remarkable handiwork is on show for all to see. Whilst Queenstown relies on tourism and business to keep the area afloat, it is amongst the mountains and at the lake shore that I choose to spend my time. This place provides for all, but we must not lose sight of what is truly remarkable about this area, for it is Mother Nature who is the one that truly provides for us here.

The Remarkables as viewed from the North end of Lake Hayes in the morning mist.

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